Can Anger Lead to Breakthrough?

Anger is a very interesting emotion, especially in the life of a sexual abuse survivor.  I have met many survivors whose reactions were defined by anger; it seems to be the only emotion they were in touch with. Others don’t allow themselves to feel anger, as if it is somehow bad. The question is what role can anger actually play in our healing, and as Christians, how can we deal with it most effectively? Continue reading

My Journey from Appraised Value to Declared Worth

Journey from appraised value to declared worth: Overcoming abandonment in relation to childhood sexual abuse

According to the Mayo Clinic Libraries, the value placed on the basic elements in the human body is $4.50. When I was younger, my brother “appraised my value” as much less! Repeatedly, he told me, “If Daddy had a quarter, you wouldn’t have been born!” Apparently, my dad could have bought a condom for 25¢ back then, and my brother enjoyed sharing that I was “a mistake” that could have been prevented with a quarter.

Even if I didn’t accept his appraisal outright, it was easy for me to own the basic premise. After all, how much could a little girl possibly be worth when she is used for someone’s sexual gratification without consideration for her well-being, thoughts, feelings, or future? Continue reading