My Journey from Appraised Value to Declared Worth

Journey from appraised value to declared worth: Overcoming abandonment in relation to childhood sexual abuse

According to the Mayo Clinic Libraries, the value placed on the basic elements in the human body is $4.50. When I was younger, my brother “appraised my value” as much less! Repeatedly, he told me, “If Daddy had a quarter, you wouldn’t have been born!” Apparently, my dad could have bought a condom for 25¢ back then, and my brother enjoyed sharing that I was “a mistake” that could have been prevented with a quarter.

Even if I didn’t accept his appraisal outright, it was easy for me to own the basic premise. After all, how much could a little girl possibly be worth when she is used for someone’s sexual gratification without consideration for her well-being, thoughts, feelings, or future? Continue reading