Is “Calling Down Fire” Really Necessary?

It is human nature to desire for judgment to immediately fall on those who harm us or those we love. This is especially true for survivors of sexual abuse. I once led a support group of sexual abuse survivors comprised of several leaders in the church. Without exception, everyone longed for their abusers to be … Continue reading Is “Calling Down Fire” Really Necessary?

What If Hiding Is No Longer Necessary?

Sexual abuse victims find many reasons to hide:  shame, fear, feelings of inadequacy, etc.  Over time, hiding can become a way of life. But, what if the things you believe about yourself are not true and the way you see yourself is inaccurate? What might your life become if hiding were no longer necessary? The … Continue reading What If Hiding Is No Longer Necessary?

Journey from appraised value to declared worth: Overcoming abandonment in relation to childhood sexual abuse

My Journey from Appraised Value to Declared Worth

According to the Mayo Clinic Libraries, the value placed on the basic elements in the human body is $4.50. When I was younger, a relative “appraised my value” as much less! I remember him "jokingly" telling me, “If your daddy had a quarter, you wouldn’t have been born!” Apparently, my dad could have bought a … Continue reading My Journey from Appraised Value to Declared Worth