Is “Calling Down Fire” Really Necessary?

It is human nature to desire for judgment to immediately fall on those who harm us or those we love. This is especially true for survivors of sexual abuse. I once led a support group of sexual abuse survivors comprised of several leaders in the church. Without exception, everyone longed for their abusers to be … Continue reading Is “Calling Down Fire” Really Necessary?

The Costly Impact of “Cheap Grace”

A friend asked recently why I had not posted in my blog since April 2021? Events that shook my world in the fall of 2021 immediately came to mind, along with the resulting pain of spiritual abuse that accompanied them. It began when a close friend confided that she saw online that our church’s newly … Continue reading The Costly Impact of “Cheap Grace”

The Secret No Sexual Abuse Victim Shares

Recently I read a book written by a 17-year-old girl who had been sexually abused by a family friend from early childhood into her teenage years. In the comments section, an Amazon reviewer wrote, “She tells somewhere in this book there are some experiences she doesn’t want known,” then the reviewer went on to suggest … Continue reading The Secret No Sexual Abuse Victim Shares